Our Approach

Guided by your goals and needs, we tailor our approach to offer your clients and their employees the best experience in these important areas:

Offers the most engagement and the best opportunity to educate employees.

Help your client’s employees understand their options so they can select benefits that are right for them.

Employees speak with multi-linguistic enrollers with average 10+ years of benefits counseling experience. We offer best-in-class SOC 2 and SOC 2 compliant cloud based software, inbound and outbound capabilities, and dedicated team of customer-focused representatives.

Enroll over the phone while screen-sharing with a Benefits Counselor.
Employees can enroll in core, ancillary and voluntary benefits through their own custom built portal on the HRIS platform.

Combine any or all options to meet the needs of your clients.

We will validate employee and dependent information, update beneficiary designations, and better educate on how benefits work resulting in significantly higher enrollment results.

Multiyear  Enrollment and Engagement Strategy:

Understanding the needs of today’s workforce, as well as today’s employers, is critical to the success of both the employer’s ROI on their benefits package as well as their employees’ comprehension and appreciation of that very investment. Balancing these needs and goals is an art which requires understanding and strategy. To maximize results in this area, it is important to understand that perennial 1:1 enrollments will suffer from the Law of Diminishing Returns, and, therefore, can be leveraged more effectively on a staggered schedule. This schedule can be driven by years, or by events, such as a change in health insurance carrier or plan designs. Below is an example:

First Year: Full, Active Enrollment

  • A full, Active enrollment maximizes the education of employees on both their benefits and the use of the BenAdmin system and includes: Heavy pre-enrollment communications paired with scheduled, agent-assisted, 1:1 Benefits Counseling If Logistics require: Bilingual Counselors, Telephonic Enrollment and Virtual Meetings can be included.

Years 2-4: Passive, Self-Enrollments, and CAFE-style enrollments:

  • A Passive, Self-Enrollment can still include strong pre-enrollment communications that can be paired with Benefit Counselor assistance based on the needs of the client. Benefits Counselor assistance, in most cases will be in a CAFÉ Style setting: One Benefit Counselor is available to assist multiple employees on several laptops simultaneously. Only available after the second year and on.

Special Event:

  • The Special Event strategy provides flexibility to adjust enrollment styles according to the needs of the client from year to year and when affected by a Special Events such as:
    1. Changing Medical Carriers
    2. Drastic changes in plan designs
    3. Contributions
    4. Benefits being added or deleted

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